Did you know McAfee’s fake replica Escobar could steal your bank account?

Recently an incident took place where a famous antivirus software was replicated to steal bank account-related information from the users’ accounts and the antivirus that was replicated is none other than McAfee. We are already aware of the fact that McAfee is one of the most reputed antivirus brands that safeguards users’ devices by making sure that no virus or malware gets entry into their systems.

The McAfee antivirus solution that 

you download via mcafee.com/activate not only gives you basic virus protection but also comes with advanced security features. With these security services offered by McAfee, users can actually make sure that the antivirus solution installed on their devices is able to protect them from the online threat, the threat to their identity as well as the new-day viruses that keep lurking around us.

A few more details about Escobar

Based on a report that was posted by Mashable, it is pretty evident that the usage of smartphones has increased manifolds and we have started to depend on them for completing a lot of work. Along with that, internet banking has also become an inseparable part of our lives. Nowadays, a lot of people are using banking services on their mobile phones and with the availability of the internet, they can easily send and receive money directly through their smartphones.

Thus, using it to their advantage, hackers are now trying their best to plot scams against users. As a result of this, now they are trying their best to target the mobile banking accounts of the users, and to accomplish it, they had created a malware called “Escobar.”

This malware is seen to be stealing the One-Time passwords from Google Authenticator that people request while making a transaction. Once they gain access to your account, they can steal as much money as they want and steal the available data as well.

How does Escobar replicate McAfee?

Well, it is the habit of the scammers to pretend to be from a renowned brand so that people can easily show their trust in them. Thus, the creators of Escobar have also used the same technique to scam people.

This time they are using McAfee’s name to trick people into their scams. However, the malware app that they developed cannot be found on the Google Play Store. The app was made available through a third-party app store. And, this malware can easily gain access to our devices, the files stored on them, can read our SMSs, and more.

However, Escobar came with a very short span as it was soon spotted by MalwareHunterTeam. And, soon the tips to avoid becoming its victim were also shared with users.

How to get rid of Escobar malware?

If you think your device has been compromised, then the first thing that you need to take care of is backing up all the files that are stored on your device to your Google Account. Now, you can turn on the “Airplane mode” of your phone and then remove the SIM card from it. Once you have removed the SIM card, you should perform a factory reset on your device.

Concluding note:

Well, it is our own responsibility to be very careful while installing any app on our device. Also, one should make sure that the apps you go on to install should be from authentic developers. Also, make sure that you do not give in to any such scam by taking into consideration everything that happens around you, specifically in the world of the internet. And, to be specific about McAfee, one should install McAfee software only via mcafee.com/activate and no other platform.

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