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A Guide To Redeeming McAfee Total Protection Retail Card

We have all been exposed to the darker side of the Internet with cybercrime and the daily-evolving cyber threats. People have been dealing with its aftermath for a long time now- reputations have been hampered, confidential data have been revealed, and to some extent, lives have been lost too. But luckily for us, tons of brands introduced antivirus solutions and cybercrime protection software that are making their way throughout the world, and one of those brands is McAfee. The brand has created and successfully created a global reputation for cyber security software and its premium security protocols. Here, in this read, we’ll be walking you through significant details on one of its award-winning products- McAfee Total Protection. Along with that, you’ll get to know the precise information on redeeming your McAfee product using a retail card. But, let’s give you an idea of what type of products and services offers.

McAfee’s Two Specific Products Or Services

The Internet security software that the brand offers is remarkable and extremely different from others. Their foundation has always been about making society safe, standing up and fighting cybercrime and aiming for a world that doesn’t know any digital threats- a world of unity. That is why we thought we might share a bit about the two most appreciated products that the brand has introduced to the world and one of which is McAfee Total Protection.

One of these products by McAfee has significantly made into people’s hearts by providing high-class security protocols. It is one of the two award-winning antivirus protection that helps you defend against all kinds of virus threats, ransomware and more. The best thing about McAfee products is that it doesn’t just focus on protecting you online, it also focuses on a great deal of service that safeguards you offline as well. It also incorporates an in-built password manager that guides you to secure and manage your set account passwords by storing them, auto-filling them and even helping out with creating unique ones.

Another product, which is the major focus of this informative read, is McAfee Total Protection. It gives you 360-degree protection from cyber threats both online and offline. Also, like the above product, this too is an award-winning antivirus or internet security solution software. It helps you safeguard your personal data including identity theft and financial threats from all the potential fraud.

How To Redeem McAfee With A Retail Card For Activation?

Activation is a huge part of getting on the McAfee experience as subscribing to McAfee Total Protection isn’t enough; you need to make sure they start working on your devices. And if you had bought the antivirus solution from a physical outlet, you will have to follow the steps of activation through a retail card:

  1. Begin with reading instructions on both sides of the McAfee Total Protection card on how to redeem it.
  2. The next step would be to pay a visit to the official activation site that has been created specifically for redeeming retail cards.
  3. On reaching there, you’d be given an online form to fill, you’d have to type in all the details that are required for the procedure.
  4. For a successful installation, you need to submit the 25-digit product key that has been associated with your retail card.
  5. Recheck and reconfirm that the product key is valid, hit on the “Submit” link and move to follow all the upcoming prompts.


The detailed read above has been carefully created to help you understand what McAfee is, and why it’s known as the best Internet security solutions’ brand ever. Along with that, you’ll get to know about the most appreciated and award-winning products that it has been offering society for a long time now including McAfee Total Protection. However, the focus of this read is on the last part- redeeming your McAfee Total Protection retail card for activation and we’ve laid down the steps to help you with it.

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